Don't worry about the hassle of clearing winter snowfall and ice. Book a contract with an on-time and thorough local snow removal company. The professional snow clearing services offered by Prairie Environmental Services will keep your property, whether commercial or residential,  safe and accessible during even the worst winter storms.



Keeping your staff safe and your customers happy is very important in our cold winter climate. It is extremely important that your parking lots and drives stay clear and free of ice and snow. Prairie Environmental Services will keep your property safe and clear, even throughout the heaviest snowfalls. We are well known for our professional and reliable commercial property maintenance services that guarantee your business won’t be interrupted. We can help you have business as usual without the stress.

Man using snowblower to clear deep snow on driveway near residential house after heavy snowfall.


We are all busy. Having to shovel or get out the snowblower should be the last thing we worry about after coming home from a busy day at work of waking up first thing on a weekend.  Let us take the shovel out of your hand and clear your driveway before it piles up. Let us help you love the winter again! Spend that time playing in the snow instead of shoveling it.



Snow removal services are available with PES from November1 every year to the end of April the following year. We serve the municipalities and surrounding areas of; High River, Okotoks, Southern Calgary, Black Diamond and Turner valley.