Industrial Vegetation Management

Prairie Environmental Services has worked throughout Alberta since 2010 for the oil and gas industry, municipalities, utility companies, highway maintenance contractors and various other industrial and commercial clients. Our return clients will verify our professionalism, vegetation control results and commitment to safety.

Our Industrial team offers a comprehensive vegetation management program tailored for every customer. As a partner in your Industrial Vegetation Planning we will utilize integrated pest management principles to provide the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective program for your business. today, Yearly control programs combined with additional services including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) reports, Weed Inspection/Identification, Noxious Weed selective programs, and roadway spraying provide the superior control and management for any invasive species program.

Whether your work selection collection includes leases, substations, plant sites, rights of way or roadside work we offer a complete range of services designed to provide peak vegetation control for your industrial and commercial properties.


We are committed to providing a safe work environment for not only our staff members but our clients as well.  We have achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) as a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association which recognizes our leadership in:

  • Safety certification
  • Application technology
  • Field level hazard assessments
  • Emergency response
  • Work permits
  • Job procedures
  • Environmental stewardship

Vegetation management goes further than just spraying weeds. As you endeavor to stay accommodating with regulatory agencies and keep in good standing with your landowners and neighbors, we strive to understand what your needs are.

Herbicide application has long lasting results and our team of professionals make it a smooth and easy process for our customers. We aim to provide indispensable knowledge and experiences. Thereby providing the most successful vegetation management program to you!

Prairie Environmental operates a fleet of specialized units ranging in size and versatility to meet your needs. Hi-way units through to off road units which include utility ATV's and hand sprayers. We have the proper equipment to complete the job with minimal environmental impact and optimal vegetation management. Our comprehensive experience and continual advancement of technical knowledge allows us for quick response to your needs with the safest possible application and development of effective vegetation management plans.

Vegetation Management Plans

Bare Ground Areas

Whether in legislated, designated or desired areas such as immediate surrounding infrastructure, it is often required to keep the ground free of vegetation. There are many herbicides on the market but are not all are always the proper product for your site or even the best product in our toolbox. Let us work with your needs and requirements to meet your budget and expectations. Prairie Environmental Services offers contact* or season-long residual programs to ensure that the sites maintain minimal vegetation thresholds into the fall. Our experienced team members continually monitor for quality control, safety and optimal performance.

*contact programs are non-residual and may need multiple applications for season long control


Grass Areas

Broadleaf weeds have difficulty thriving in healthy grass. The defense starts with your site and road sides having a healthy competition of grass species. Broadleaf weeds can be controlled with grass friendly herbicides. Keeping these invasive plants in check will maintain a positive influence on your stakeholders while keeping in good standing with legislative bodies that may require a level of maintenance not obtainable without a quality vegetation management plan. Detailed records, mapping and assessments will keep you in compliance and provides a trackable program that will be valuable for the future of the site and its stakeholders.

Whatever your vegetation management needs are, Prairie Environmental has you covered! We are experienced and can offer you solutions for all you tough to control issues. We appreciate your business, give us a call today!